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hunger hurts

but starving works

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i'm a good girl. seriously. this is my journal, and i'm always looking for other people to share my life with.

The evolutions of a teenage girl

From buying dusty second-hand poetry books in an attempt to culture myself.
To buying second-hand trash novels in an attempt to distract myself.
From consuming countless bottles of vodka in parks on Saturday afternoons,
To consuming countless sachets of antacids in order to function after a few drinks the previous night.
From arguing with my parents and thinking I was right,
To arguing with my parents and knowing they’re right.
From hopelessly dreaming of a romantic love, of a boy that fits,
To fucking strangers and pregnancy scares, to getting my heart broken and breaking others in return
From self pity and minor breakdowns, giving into my depression and secretly not wanting to be cured,
To an un-medicated life, denying and hiding that the pain still exists.
From planning a glorious future beyond school,
To being unable to deal with college life and staying in bed till noon daily.
From trying to understand, to know myself,
To trying to understand, to know myself.

i know what i'm doing. if i wanted your guidance, i'd ask. i don't want to be judged. i'm immature. and if you don't like what you've read, you can just fuck off. thank you very much.